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Welcome, and thank you for visiting the home of East Bay Traditional Chinese Medicine.

On this site, you'll find information on the fundamental theories and treatment methods of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as answers to many commonly asked questions on the subject. (Believe me, after thousands of years of TCM history, there's a lot to discuss.) To begin, I believe the most important difference between TCM and modern western medicine is simply that in TCM we treat the whole person, not just their symptoms. Thus, while some of our patients come to us for weekly "tune-ups" to help ease the stresses of modern life, others come to us with serious issues to address: insomnia, repetitive-strain injuries, depression, digestive disorders, hepatitis, cancer, and various immune disorders. The beauty of TCM lies in the fact that, regardless of a patient's disorder, TCM allows us to discover and treat the underlying conditions—the root of the disorder—while addressing the patient's current set of symptoms.

I think of this site mainly as a service to my patients, to help them better understand their treatments and the principles that guide them. In my years of practice, I've never yet run across a patient who wasn't deeply curious about this medicine, who didn't have as many questions about it as I had time to answer, who didn't want a ready reply for their friends' and colleagues' quizzing: "Do you believe in that stuff?" "Does it really work?" "Can it help my husband's mother's cousin's case of…." For all those people and all their questions, let me present you with the short, straight answer as I've come to discover it: "Why, yes. TCM can help that." Still curious? Excellent. Please read on.

Don F. Gates, L.Ac.