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Office Fees
For those paying at the time of service, an initial consultation with a new client, including examination, discussion, and an acupuncture treatment, is $140. Follow-up treatments are $90. I may recommend herbal medicines or nutritional supplements, which can be provided for an additional fee. The cost of any herbs or supplements (usually around $15 per week) will be discussed with you prior to preparing a custom herbal formula. Please be aware that unused herbs and supplements cannot be returned for refund or exchange.

Does Insurance Cover Acupuncture?
Many insurance plans, health-savings accounts, and employer-sponsored health-benefits packages do reimburse for acupuncture, but each plan differs in which services and conditions are covered and for how many sessions. If you'd like me to try billing your insurance rather than paying for acupuncture out of pocket, please enter your full name, address, date of birth, and all the information from your insurance card (personal ID number, group ID number, and the name and phone number of your insurance company) into this form, and my billers will verify your benefits (which conditions are covered, how many treatments per year, your deductible, your co-pay, etc). Please do this at least one full business day prior to your appointment, preferably sooner.

Workers' Comp and Personal Injury
Please contact me if you qualify for either workers' compensation or personal-injury treatments.

The success of the Grand Acupuncture Center depends upon the satisfaction of our patients, and your referrals constitute the backbone of our patient base. Thank you for your faith and support, and please let us know if you have a friend you'd like us to contact.